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jī liè
adj. intense, fierce
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"强烈" (qiángliè) versus "激烈" (jīliè):

强烈 (qiángliè) generally refers to something that is strong, powerful, or intense. It can be used to describe strong feelings, sensations, or impacts. For instance, you might use 强烈 to express strong emotions like "strongly agree" (强烈同意) or to describe a strong sensation like "intense heat" (强烈的热).

激烈 (jīliè) typically describes something that is fierce, intense, or heated, often related to conflicts, battles, competitions, or struggles. It denotes an intense or heated state and is commonly used to describe fierce competitions (激烈竞争) or intense conflicts (激烈冲突).
What other words or phrases can I use to express the meaning of 激烈 (jīliè)?
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