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conj. and
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及 and 以及 are both conjunctions meaning “and”. How can we decide when to use 及, when to use 以及?
及 and 以及 both indicate coordination. 及 connects nouns or nominal phrases. 以及 can also be used in this way (Example 2)
Example 1. 除了英语以外,我们还学俄语及 (or 以及) 西班牙语。 [phr] Besides English, we study Russian and Spanish.
以及 connects clauses of coordinative relation. 及 can’t be used in this way (Example 2).
Example 2. 她后来为何离婚,以及怎么认识了现在的丈夫,我都不太清楚。 [phr] As to why she was divorced and how she met her present husband, I don't know much.
When is it appropriate to use 及 (jí) in a sentence?
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