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jī hū
adv. almost, nearly, practically, virtually
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几乎 is an adverb that means "almost".

1. 几乎 indicates "very close to..." and it can be followed by verbs, adjectives and nouns. Check out the examples below.
1a. 几乎 Verb. E.g. 我感动得几乎要流泪了。 [phr] I feel so touched that I'm on the brink of shedding tears.
1b. 几乎 Adjective. E.g. 这个计划几乎完美无缺。 r/s [phr] This plan is nearly perfect.
1c. 几乎 Noun. E.g. 几乎每个国家都有财富分配不均的情况。 r/s [phr] Almost in every country wealth is not distributed evenly.

2. 几乎 can be used before a verb to indicate a situation was about to happen but ended up not happening -- similar to "差点儿". It's used in these two ways:

2a. When there is no negation applied to the verb (absence of words such as 没, 没有), in most cases it's usually something that the speaker does not wish to happen; in some cases, it's something that the speaker wishes to happen.
E.g. 他脚下一滑,几乎摔倒。 [phr] He slipped and almost fell. --- "Falling" is something we do not wish to happen.
E.g. 这事几乎就要办成了,最后又出现了变化。 [phr] This was almost completed, but at the final moments, something came up. -- "Completing this task" is something we wish to happen.

2b. When there is negation applied to the verb (when 没 or 没有 appears before the verb), there are 2 different situations:
2b-Situation 1: when it is something we do not wish to happen, it means it did not happen at the end. And in this situation, we can remove 没/没有, the meaning will remain the same. Compare these two examples below, whether we use 没 or not, the meaning is the same, which is "He slipped and almost fell (but did not fall)."
E.g. 他脚下一滑,几乎摔倒。 v.s. 他脚下一滑,几乎没摔倒。
2b-Situation 2: when it is something we wish to happen, it means it happened at the end. In this sentence below, "finishing the task" is something we wish to happen.
E.g. 他几乎没按时完成任务。 [phr] He almost didn't finish the task on time.
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