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phr. not only..., but also...
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"不但...而且..." and "既...又...":

既 and 又 are adverbs that only appear after the subject. 不但 and 而且 are both conjunctions that can be used before or after the subject of a clause.

不但我会说汉语,而且我的妻子也会说汉语。 [phr] No only I can speak Chinese, my wife can also speak Chinese.
In this sentence above 不但 appears before 我; 而且 appears before 我的妻子. Two different subjects for the two clauses. We cannot use 既...又... in this case.

这件衣服不但漂亮,而且很便宜。 [phr] This outfit is not only beautiful but also cheap.
(We can also say: 这件衣服既漂亮,又很便宜。 [phr] This outfit is not only beautiful but also cheap.)
In this sentence above, these two structures are interchangeable.
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