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jù tǐ
adj. definite, particular, specific
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详细 versus 具体:

1. 详细 (adjective) emphasizes the tiny little "details" and it's the opposite of an outline or brief description. In this example, we would only use 详细 and not 具体:
E.g. 信用卡的详细资料 r/- [nphr] detailed information of a credit card

2. 具体 (adjective) is "specific" and "definite", as opposed to general, abstract and indefinite. In this example, we only use 具体, not 详细:
E.g. 具体时间还没有确定 r/- [phr] the specific time is not yet fixed

3. In some situations, 具体 详细 are interchangeable. Depending which one is used, the focus of the meaning expressed will be different. Here is an example:
E.g. 详细货物清单 a detailed inventory list that has information such as dates, numbers, serial numbers, product names, product specifications, etc.
E.g. 具体货物清单: an inventory list that lists out what the commodities are - microwaves, televisions and food processors, instead of a general list that says "household appliances".
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