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wěn dìng
adj./v. stable, firm, steady; to stabilize, to steady
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How is 稳定 (wěn dìng) used in everyday conversations?
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安定 vs 稳定.

安定 can be an adjective, a verb or a noun.

1. 安定 as an adjective: stable, settled. 安定 (adj.) is the opposite of "disturbed" and it's about order of a society, so we often see it being used with society, social stability, political environment, etc.

Interesting fact: because 安定 is related to social environment, you see 安定 being used in place names a lot, esp. in Beijing, for instance: 安定门 (Andingmen,a gate in Beijing's Ming-era city wall)

2. 安定 as a verb: to stabilize, to calm, to reassure, to settle down. This is used on one's nerves, the public or people's minds, social order, etc.

3. 安定 as a noun: (Med.) valium, diazepam.

稳定 can be an adjective or a verb.

1. 稳定 as an adjective: stable, firm, steady.

This can be used in the same way as 安定 to describe social order. They are interchangeable, for instance:
安定的社会秩序 = 稳定的社会秩序

In the following, we usually only use 稳定, not 安定:
- when describing something at a more personal level (one's medical situation, job or family life), e.g. 稳定的工作 [nphr] stable job
- when describing something quantitative, e.g. price, income, increase, decrease, stock market. e.g. 最近,北京的物价比较稳定。[phr] Recently the commodity prices in Beijing is relatively stable.

All in all, 稳定 emphasizes on not changing or fluctuating very much.

2. 稳定 as a verb: to stabilize, to steady. 稳定 (verb) is interchangeable with 安定 (verb):
安定社会秩序 = 稳定社会秩序
安定情绪 = 稳定情绪
稳定 vs 平稳

1. 稳定 (adj) is used to describe levels, trends that are not changing much, hence the translation "fixed". 平稳 is not necessarily unchanging - it could be changing but in a steady and smooth way.

2. 稳定 can be used as a verb and an adjective; 平稳 is only an adjective.
Example: 稳定情绪 -/- [phr] to steady one's nerves, to set sb's mind at rest

3. In a certain context, these 2 are interchangeable, depending on the meaning you want to focus on. Example: 物价平稳 and 物价稳定
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