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tū chū
adj./v. protruding; remarkable, prominent; to highlight, to stress; to break through, to rush out
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出色 vs 突出

1. 突出 is a verb or an adjective, while 出色 is only an adjective.
2. When 突出 is an adjective, it can be "protruding". For example, you can use 突出 to describe someone's eyeballs, teeth, blood vessels, etc. 出色 doesn't have this meaning.
3. 出色 has a very positive meaning, while 突出 is neutral. For example, in this sentence below, "air pollution" is not a positive thing but we can still use 突出.
E.g. 最突出的表现是空气污染。 -/- [phr] The most prominent manifestation is air pollution.
In other words, 突出 describes something that is important, that stands out, whether it's good or bad.
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