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qīn zì
adv. personally, in person
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自己 vs 亲自:

自己, pronoun, used after a verb or a preposition, used by itself as the subject or object, etc.:
- After a verb: 让我来介绍一下自己。 [phr] Let me introduce myself.
- After a preposition: 一定要对自己有信心。 [phr] Definitely one has to be confident in himself.
- As a subject: 没关系,自己喜欢就好。 [phr] It's alright, as long as you like it yourself.

亲自, adverb: this means 亲自 modifies an action. 亲自 does not have all those usages of 自己 specified above.
爸爸亲自来球场看儿子比赛。 [phr] Father came to the court in person to watch his son's game.
领导决定亲自察访。 [phr] The leader decided to make an investigation himself.
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