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jì shù
n. skill, technology
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How is 技术 (jìshù) different from 科技 (kējì)?
技术 (jìshù) and 科技 (kējì) are two related words that are often used interchangeably, but they have slightly different meanings and connotations.

技术 (jìshù) refers to the practical skills and techniques used to accomplish a specific task or achieve a certain goal. It can also refer to the knowledge and expertise required to use these skills effectively. In this sense, 技术 (jìshù) can be translated as "skill" or "technology." For example, 电脑技术 (diànnǎo jìshù) means "computer skills" or "computer technology."

On the other hand, 科技 (kējì) refers to the broader field of science and technology. It encompasses not only practical skills and techniques, but also scientific theories, research, and development. In this sense, 科技 (kējì) can be translated as "science and technology." For example, 科技发展 (kējì fāzhǎn) means "scientific and technological development."
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What are some common ways to use 技术 (jìshù) in a sentence?
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