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conj./adv. and; moreover, in addition; while; even; for the time being; (oral) for a long time
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和 and 且 both have the meaning "and". What's their difference?

和 connects two nouns or pronouns. 且 connects two adjectives, verbs or clauses in a sentence.
我和她 I and she
苹果和香蕉 apples and bananas
她聪明且善于言谈。She is clever and good at talking.
这衣服太大了,且价格也太贵。 This garment is too big. Beside, its price is also too high.

When two or more verbs or adjectives are put side by side as the subject/object of a sentence, we use 和.
滑雪和滑冰属于加拿大冬季最流行的户外运动。Skiing and ice-skating belong to the most popular winter outdoor sports in Canada.
What’s the difference between 且 and 和 in the sense of “and”?
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