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chóng xīn
adv. once again; from the very beginning
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About 重新 and 又:

又 indicates that after the occurrence of an action or event, another action or event of the same kind occurred. It is usually used in the past tense with particle 了.

重新 can be used both in the past tense or future tense, and it emphasizes strongly on "all over again from the very beginning"

1. 他把事情重新说了一遍。 [phr] He talked about the matter all over again.
In this sentence above, we can replace 重新 with 又 and the sentence will still be correct, but the emphasis of "from the very beginning" will be lost.

3. 他希望能够改邪归正,重新做人。 [phr] He wants to give up evil, return to good, and live a new life.
We cannot use 又 in the sentence above because this has not yet happened.
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