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adv. (in questions) to what extent, how; (exclamatory sentence) how; to an unspecified extent
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1. 多, followed by a monosyllabic adjective, can be used to ask height, length, size, weight, age, etc.
E.g. 你们的公寓有多大? [phr] How big is your apartment? (asking two or more people)
E.g. 你续约后还想住多久? [phr] How long will you live here after renewing the contract?
2. 多 can also be used in an exclamatory sentence.
E.g. 瞧瞧他的水平有多高! [phr] Look how high his level is!
Please note that 多少 and 几 can also be used to ask for a number. To know how to use them, please check out our notes on those entries.
How is 多 (duō) used in a sentence?
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