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yǐ nèi
n. within, less than, no more than
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以内 has a synonym:
之内 zhī nèi [prep] inside; within
之内/以内 indicates within a certain range, scope or limit of time, quantity or location. The emphasis is on "not exceeding the limit or scope".
For example:
每人只能带一件二十四公斤之内的行李。 [phr] Each person can only bring one piece of luggage not exceeding twenty-four kilograms.
绑匪要求我们五天之内交付赎金。 [phr] The kidnappers ordered us to give them the ransom in five days.
围墙之内的区域是隔离区。 [phr] The area within the wall is the quarantined area.

The difference between 之内 or 以内 and 之间 is that 之内/以内 emphasizes the limit, while 之间 emphasizes the two points. For more information, please check out our notes for 之间 and 中间.
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