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téng tòng
n. pain, ache, sore
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How do I use 疼痛 (téngtòng) to express pain?
To use 疼痛 (téngtòng) to express pain, you can say phrases such as:

1. 我的背部感到疼痛。(Wǒ de bèibù gǎndào téngtòng.) - My back feels sore.

2. 我的牙齿疼痛难忍。(Wǒ de yáchǐ téngtòng nánrěn.) - My teeth are hurting unbearably.

3. 这种药可以减轻疼痛。(Zhè zhǒng yào kěyǐ jiǎnqīng téngtòng.) - This medicine can relieve the pain.
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