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yīn cǐ
conj. so, therefore
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In this post we discuss two conjunction: 所以 and 因此. Both mean “so, therefore”, but they are not entirely the same in terms of collocation.

1. 所以 can be paired with 因为 or 由于 to form such structure
因为……,所以……。 E.g. 因为这是我们的第一节课,所以我不知道你们的名字。 [phr] This is our first lesson, so I don't know your names.
由于……,所以……。E.g. 由于这是我们的第一节课,所以我不知道你们的名字。 [phr] This is our first lesson, so I don't know your names.
因此 can only be paired with 由于 and form this structure: 由于……,因此……。
E.g. 由于他工作认真,因此得到了大家的信任。 [phr] Because he works with a serious attitude, he has won everybody's trust.

2. 所以 can be used between the subject and the predicate. But 因此 cannot be used in this way.
E.g. 他所以取得这么好的成绩,是因为他平时一直都很努力。 [phr] The reason why he achieved such good grades is that he has always worked hard.
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