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shōu dào
v. receive, get
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得到 vs 接受 vs 获得 vs 收到

得到: get, obtain, gain, receive
得到 is followed by a tangible or an abstract noun with either a positive or a negative meaning — but in most cases, positive meaning.

接受means “consent to receive something offered, believe or come to recognize an opinion”.

获得: gain, obtain, acquire, win, achieve
获得 is always followed by something that’s positive, something that you worked hard on and achieved or won at the end. It’s usually followed by abstract nouns such as prizes, success, freedom, victory, good marks or grades, knowledge, rewards, applause, approval, good jobs, scholarships, etc.

收到: receive, get
收到is followed by something that’s mailed or delivered. Common nouns that are used with 收到 include letters, packages, post cards, gift, invitation, etc.
Is 收到 (shōu dào) an informal or formal way to express receiving something?
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