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míng bai
adj./v. clear, obvious; explicit, open; reasonable, sensible, wise; to understand, to realize
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When 明白 and 懂 are both a verb, sometimes they are interchangeable, sometimes they are not:

1. when they both generally mean "to understand/get something", they are interchangeable:
e.g. 我听明白/听懂你的意思了。Now I understand you.
我明白/懂了。 I get it. (previously I did understand.)

2. When it means to "have a deeper knowledge or have done some certain study or research on a field", we only use 懂. 明白 cannot be used in this sense.
e.g. 懂音乐,懂诗 have some knowledge of music/poetry
这方面我不太懂,你问他吧。 I do not know much about this. Ask him.
-> 你明白我的意思吗?
-> 我表达(biǎodá)得清楚吗?
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