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adv. (used to express admiration, exclamation, or dissatisfaction) too, over; (after "bu" to soften the tone of negation) quite, excessively; (before "bu" to emphasize negation) too, over
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As an adverb of degree, 太 (tai4) expresses a subjective comment of the speaker.
1. You may use 太 if you deem the degree to be excessive (so that you are not quite satisfied with it). E.g. 太大了! (Too big!)
2. You may use 太 in an exclamatory sentence, to express your thought, feelings, emotions, indicating a high degree. E.g. 太美了! (How beautiful! So beautiful!)

Comparatively, other adverbs of degrees do not have such subjective meanings. Please take a look at these two: 很(hen3), 非常(fei1chang2).
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