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m. (before nouns) some, a few; (after adjectives or verbs) a bit, somewhat
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When the measure word "些" is used before nouns, it indicates an indefinite amount: 喝些什么, 一些苹果
It can also be used before or after verbs or adjectives to indicate a very small amount, or to a small degree: 好些了,放松一些 (please refer to the example sentences).
Please note that when "些" indicates an indefinite amount (before nouns), we can only use 一 in the front -- other numerals are not allowed. For example, we can say 吃一些苹果 (eat some apples), or simply omit the number "one" and say 吃些苹果.
些 can also be after pronouns, such as 这些, 那些, 哪些.
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