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adj. (of object) thin; (of emotion or attitude) cold; (of land) infertile; (of taste) weak
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In this post, we compared 瘦 and 薄. They both mean "thin", so what is their difference?

薄 (adj.) means "having a smaller distance between opposite sides or surfaces than other similar objects or than normal".

瘦 (adj.) means "(of a person or part of the body) not covered with much flesh". When 瘦 is used in this sense, we can use it to describe a person as a whole, or a person's face, waist, arms and legs. Other than human beings, 瘦 can also be used on animals, e.g., cat, dog,... with the same meaning..

瘦 can also be used on clothes, meaning "tight". 薄, on the other hand, does not have this usage. We can use 薄 on clothes as well, but in this case it only refers to the thickness of the clothes.
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