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bìng qiě
conj. and; furthermore
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并且 is a conjunction used to join verbs, phrases or clauses. In written language, it is sometimes written as 并.
There is a subtle difference between 并且 and 而且:

1. A, 并且B: 并且 indicates coordination. It joins or coordinates A and B (words, main clauses or sentences). A and B are of equal syntactic importance.
E.g. 他去了美国,并且读了大学。 [phr] He went to the United States, and he studied in a university.

2. A, 而且B: 而且 indicates progression between A and B, and it emphasizing B a bit more.
E.g. 她会说汉语,而且说得很好。 [phr] She can speak Chinese, and moreover her Chinese is quite good.
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