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conj. (between adjectives) and, as well as, also; (from...) to...; (transition between the subject and the predicate) if
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而 has two entries in the trainchinese dictionary. In this entry, 而 is used to join adjectives or adjective phrases -- we can replace it with 而且. But there is one exception: if adverbs such as 很, 十分,etc. are used before the adjectives, we can only use 而且, not 而. For example:
Example 1.
1a- 年轻而漂亮 or 年轻而且漂亮: young and beautiful
1b- 十分年轻而且漂亮: very young and beautiful
Both 而 and 而且 are correct in Example 1a. However, in Example 1b, only 而且 can be used.
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