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zì rán kē xué
phr. natural science
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How is 自然科学 (zìrán kēxué) used in everyday conversation?
自然科学 (zìrán kēxué) is a commonly used term in everyday conversation in Chinese, referring to the field of natural science. It is pronounced as "zì rán kē xué" in Mandarin Chinese.

In Chinese, the term 自然 (zìrán) means "nature" and 科学 (kēxué) means "science". Therefore, 自然科学 (zìrán kēxué) can be translated as "natural science" or "science of nature".

In everyday conversation, 自然科学 (zìrán kēxué) may be used to refer to various branches of natural science, such as biology (生物学, shēngwùxué), chemistry (化学, huàxué), physics (物理学, wùlǐxué), and geology (地质学, dìzhìxué). It can also be used to talk about scientific research and discoveries related to the natural world.

For example, someone may say "我对自然科学很感兴趣" (wǒ duì zìrán kēxué hěn gǎn xìngqù), which means "I am very interested in natural science". Or, they may say "自然科学的发展对人类有很大的影响" (zìrán kēxué de fāzhǎn duì rénlèi yǒu hěn dà de yǐngxiǎng), which means "The development of natural science has a great impact on humanity".
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