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lǚ yóu
v. to travel, to make a tour
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difference between 旅行
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旅行 vs 旅游

旅游 / 旅遊 [lv3 you2] , (v) to travel, to make a tour
旅游 refers to going out to or touring around in another place for sightseeing purpose. When we say 旅游, you are usually traveling with other people. 旅游 focuses on traveling with a certain level of comfort, having fun, relaxing and being entertained in the process.

旅行 / 旅行 [lv3 xing2] , (v) to travel, to make a tour, to take a trip or journey
旅行 refers to being on the road, moving from place to place and it is usually done by someone alone. It’s more about experiencing local cultures and customs. You learn from your personal experience and observation in the process. 旅行 does not emphasize on comfort.
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