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v. (of people) lie, lie down; (of animals) crouch; sleep; (dialect) poach (eggs); (lit.) to be a hermit
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躺 vs 卧:
1. 卧 has many meanings that 躺 does not have;
2. When 卧 and 躺 both mean "v. to lie (down)":
When they are used a lone, they are interchangeable, however, 躺 is much more frequently used in daily language. Example:
你要么起床,要么睡觉,别老在床上躺(卧)着。 [phr] You (should) either get up, or go to sleep. Don't just lie in the bed.
When they appear in an idiom or fixed phrase, usually 卧 is used. Examples:
卧床休息 [phr] rest in bed
卧薪尝胆 [idiom] to lie on firewood and lick a gall bladder -- suffering patiently, but firmly resolved on revenge
坐卧不宁 [idiom] be unable to sit down or sleep at ease, feel restless
仰卧起坐 [n] (sports) sit-ups
卧病 [v] be confined to bed
In these examples above, we cannot use 躺.
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