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xìn xī
n. information, news
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消息 vs 信息

1. 信息 is more formal and 消息 is used casually. Compare these these examples:

信息 is something that's more official:
E.g. 电视里报道了关于这件事的最新信息。 The latest news of this incident was broadcast on television.

信息 is also more about facts, statistics or data.

消息 refers to personal news or news of an event that is retrieved through informal channels:
听到这个好消息,她感到十分兴奋。 She was excited upon hearing the good news.
小道消息 side-street news, hearsay

2. When "information" is related to computer information science, we always use 信息, instead of 消息.
E.g. 信息与通信技术 Information and Communication Technology
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