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duō shao
pro. how many, how much
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1. 多少 is used to ask for a number which is usually more than ten. This means that the person who asks the question estimates that the answer might be more than 10. The answer to a question with 多少 should be a numeral plus a measure word. For example the Q and A below:
Q: 这些一共要多少钱? [phr] How much do all these (together) cost?
A: 三百一十八元。[phr] 318 yuan.

2. In a question where 多少 is used, measure word is not a necessity after 多少. For example:
王老师有多少(个)学生? [phr] How many students does Mr./Ms. Wang have?

3. 多少 can also mean “many” in declarative sentence.
这片土地有我多少美好的回忆。 [phr] This piece of land has many beautiful memories of mine.

* Please note that 多 and 几 can also be used to ask for a number. To know how to use them, please check out our notes on those entries.
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