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adj./m. everywhere, all over, all around; one time, once through (of an action)
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In Chinese, there are two categories of measure words: those indicating units of persons or things, and those indicating the frequency of an action.
As a measure word, 遍 belongs to the second group: verbal measure word. 遍 indicates the complete duration of an action from beginning to end. Example:
我重新读了一遍他的著作。 [phr] I read his work again.
In the sentence above, 一遍 is used as the complement of the verb 读. Here 一遍 refers to 著作 (written work), emphasizing the action has covered the entire book, from the beginning to the end.

If you would like to learn more about other similar verbal measure words, please check out these entries in our dictionary: 次(ci4),下/下儿 (xia4/xiar4) and 趟 (tang4).
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You should add "all over,everywhere" meaning of 遍.For instance 跑遍了全成,
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