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n. lesson; subject, course; class, period
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When 课 is used as a noun meaning "lesson", it is a nouns of quantity. By noun of quantity, we mean that this noun itself already has a meaning similar to that of a measure word. Therefore, other measure words cannot be used before 课 of this meaning. Please remember this, as it is a very common mistake among beginning learners.
However, when 课 takes on other meanings, we may use measure words:

- when 课 means "subject, course", we can say 一门课
E.g.这学期你选了几门选修课?This semester, how many selective courses did you pick up?

- when 课 means "class, period", we can say 一节课.
E.g. 这节课下课以后,我们去饭店吃饭。 After this class is over, we are going to eat in a restaurant.

Other nouns like 年 include: 岁(sui4, age), 天 (tian1, day), 年 (nian2, year), etc. Please feel free to check them out if you are interested.
Can be:
the teacher activity itself, the unit of teaching time; the subject or course; the unit of teaching materials
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