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jǔ xíng
v. to hold (a meeting, ceremony, activity, etc.)
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举行 vs 举办:

The difference between these two is very subtle, and sometimes they are interchangeable. The difference mainly lies in the object that follows.
- 举行 / 舉行 [ju3 xing2] , (v) to hold (a meeting, ceremony, activity, etc.)
- 举办 / 舉辦 [ju3 ban4] , (v) to hold, to host, to conduct (exhibition, activity, forum, workshop, program, party, etc.)

举行 is used on something that's bigger in scale, and it emphasizes on the result. Words that usually follow 举行 include: 会议、仪式、活动

举办 is used on smaller events, and it is more about the specific actions and step-by-step process. We usually use 举办 before 展览、论坛、工作坊、项目、晚会、聚会, etc.
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