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dà jiā
pro. all of us; everybody
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If we compare 大家 and 各位:
1. 大家 can be a noun as well. When it is a noun, it has two meanings. 各位 does not share these two meanings;
2. When they are both pronouns:
大家 (all of us, everybody) can refer to a group of people that includes or does not include the speaker him/herself; 各位 refers to everyone in a group of people that does not include the speaker.
E.g.A 请大家(or 各位)不要等我了。 [phr] Everybody, please do not wait for me.
E.g.B 王老师,生日快乐!这是大家送给您的。 [phr] Ms. Wang (a teacher), happy birthday! This is a gift from all of us.
When can 大家 (dàjiā) be used in a sentence?
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