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gǎn dào
v. to feel, to sense, to become aware of, to perceive
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感觉 vs 感到
1. 感觉 can be a noun. 感到 is only a verb.
2. When they are both verbs and both mean "to feel, to perceive, to become aware of", they are interchangeable.
3. 感觉 can mean "be afraid (that)". 感到 doesn't have this meaning.
感到 vs 觉得

感到 is very similar to 觉得 when it means “to feel, to be aware of”, but 感到 focuses on change of feeling caused by something. 感到 can not be used to indicate one's opinion and it cannot be a noun.
E.g. 考试通过了,他感到非常轻松。 [phr] He has passed the exam and felt very relaxed.
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