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m. (esp. in spoken) measure word of basic Chinese monetary unit (same as "yuan")
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When used in spoken Chinese, "块" can also the measure word for money, e.g. 三块 means "3 yuan" (Please check out this word too: 元 [yuan2] Chinese Yuan).

The measure word "块" can also refer to pieces or lumps. You may use these nouns after 块 (in the parenthesis, I marked the English translation followed by the Pinyin):
肉 (meat, rou4),蛋糕 (cake, dan4gao1),面包 (bread, mian4bao1),奶酪 (cheese, nai3lao4),金子 (gold, jin1zi5),石头 (stone,rock, shi2tou5),土 (earth, tu3), etc. To find out more examples, please refer to the other entry of 块 in our dictionary.:)
So is 块 and 元 totally the same?
Caleb Ma
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