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m. measure word for large animals (like pig, cow, sheep, elephant etc.); for garlic or onion
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头 is used on animals of large size, such as 猪 (zhu1, pig), 牛 (niu2, ox), 虎 (hu3, tiger), 熊 (xiong2, bear), etc. But please note that other measure words are possible for these animals. For example, 只 can be used on 牛 (niu2, ox), 虎 (hu3, tiger), 熊 (xiong2, bear).
If you are interested, we suggest you take a look at other measure words of animals: 只 (zhi1), 条 (tiao2), 匹 (pi3).
What other words can I use in place of 头 (tóu) in different contexts?
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