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xī wàng
v./n. to wish, to hope; hope, wish, possibility
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I hope to see you next week. Wo xi wang xia ge xing qi tian ni.
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希望 versus 盼望

1. 希望 is verb or noun. 盼望 is only a verb. We cannot use 盼望 in these examples:
- 没什么希望了,这事已经漂了。There is no hope. The whole thing comes to nothing.
- 妈妈把希望寄在我们身上。Mom placed the hope on us.

2. When these two are both verbs, their meanings are slightly different:
- 希望: to wish, to hope
- 盼望: to yearn for, to hope for, to long for, to, to expect, look forward to
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