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bào míng
sep-v. register for, apply, sign up
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What is the different between 报名 and 报到?
Answer: When it comes to synonyms like these two, we need to focus on their difference in order to understand their meanings in a more accurate way. In this case, the difference lies in the second character: 到 and 名.
1.报名 is "register for, apply, sign up". The situations include: when you want to participate in a contest, (e.g. sports meeting, singing contest, etc.) or be involved in a training program or a workshop as a learner.
2.报到 is done when someone arrives at a place and reports to the authority that he is officially here. The situations include: a student returning to his university at the beginning of a new semester, a new army recruit reporting to the army for the first time, etc.
3.报名 does not necessarily require you to be at the venue physically, because it can also be done by sending an email or making a phone call. On the contrary, 报到 usually requires the person to be there physically.
How can I say I wanna come there and apply
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