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m. times (of repeating something)
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In Chinese, there are two categories of measure words: those indicating units of persons or things, and those indicating the frequency of an action.
Here in this entry, 次 falls into the second category: it is a verbal measure word, often used with a numeral as a complement of a verb, indicating the frequency of that action. E.g. 去了一次 (went...once), 一次 is a numeral-measure-word phrase indicating the frequency of 去.
It is also possible for 次 to be used as a nominal measure word (the first category), indicating train/flight numbers. For more information, please check out the other entry of 次 in trainchinese.

If you would like to learn more about other similar verbal measure words, please check out these entries in our dictionary: 趟(tang4),下/下儿 (xia4/xiar4) and 遍 (bian4).
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