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kě néng
v./adj./n. possibly may be (accomplished), probably can (be done); possible; possibility
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也许 and 可能 have different parts of speech. 也许 is an adverb, 可能 is a verb (auxiliary verb), adjective and noun.

1. When 也许 and 可能 (adj) act as the adverbial adjunct in a sentence, they are interchangeable:
明天也许会下雨。 [phr] It may rain tomorrow.
We can also say 明天可能会下雨.

2. 可能 can be an adjective and a noun in different situations. 也许 cannot be used in such cases:

For example:
- Adjective: 军队要刻苦练兵,准备可能的战争。 [phr] The troops need painstaking training and prepare for possible wars.
- Noun: 有可能 [phr] have the possibility (of...)

We cannot use 也许 in these two sentences above.
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