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xīn chén dài xiè
n./phr. metabolism; (fig.) the new supersedes the old
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Also means 'the new supersedes the old' or 'the old gives place to the new'
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What is the correct context for using 新陈代谢 (xīnchén dàixiè)?
The correct context for using 新陈代谢 (xīnchén dàixiè) is in the field of biology or medicine, specifically when discussing the process of metabolism in living organisms. It refers to the chemical reactions that occur within the body to maintain life, including the breakdown of nutrients and the production of energy.

In a figurative sense, 新陈代谢 can also be used to describe the process of change and renewal, where the old is replaced by the new. This can be applied to various aspects of life, such as technology, culture, or society.


- 这种药物可以加快新陈代谢,帮助身体更有效地消化食物。(Zhè zhǒng yàowù kěyǐ jiākuài xīnchén dàixiè, bāngzhù shēntǐ gèng yǒuxiào de xiāohuà shíwù.) - This medication can speed up metabolism and help the body digest food more efficiently.

- 社会的新陈代谢是不可避免的,我们必须适应变化。(Shèhuì de xīnchén dàixiè shì bùkě bìmiǎn de, wǒmen bìxū shìyìng biànhuà.) - The metabolism of society is inevitable, and we must adapt to change.
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