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jié zhì
v. to control, to keep within limit, to restrict, to moderate; to command and manage
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控制 is more general. 节制 is more specific and also stricter in limiting and keeping something within a limit. In some sentences they are interchangeable. For example, 节制饮食 and 控制饮食 both work in this sentence below, but 节制 is to more strictly limit what you eat:
你必须节制饮食,不然会越来越胖。 r/- [phr] You must be moderate in eating and drinking; or you will become fatter and fatter.

控制 can be followed by a range, 节制 cannot be followed a range. For example:
我想把体重控制在五十到五十五公斤之间。 r/- [phr] I want to control my weight and keep it somewhere between 50 and 55 kilograms.
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