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prep. for, in the interest of; because; to; for the purpose of
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1. 为 can be used before the person intended to receive or benefit from sth, for example:
Example 1. 还要我为您做些什么吗? [phr] Is there anything else I can do for you?
2. In addition, 为 can also be used to indicate the reason. When it is used in this way, it usually appears after the subject of the sentence, for example:
Example 2: 大家都为这件事感到高兴。 [phr] Everyone is happy for this event.
3. Lastly, 为 can precede a purpose. Compare to the previous two usages, 为 indicating a purpose appears less frequently, and while it is used in this way, it is usually followed by 而, 起见, etc.
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What grammatical structures involve the use of 为 (wèi)?
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