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jī lǜ
n. probability, odds
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几率 vs 机会

几率 is quantifiable, meaning that it can be a percentage or a fraction. We can use adjectives such as 大 and 小 to describe 几率.
依我看,成功的几率不大。 -/- [phr] In my opinion, it is not very probable that it'll be successful.

机会 is quantifiable too. 机会 is not measured by a percentage/fraction, but it can be used with adjectives 大 and 小. In addition, we can describe the quality of 机会 by using positive or neutral adjectives such as, 好, 宝贵, 一般, etc.
我放弃了很好的机会。 r/- [phr] I gave up a very good opportunity.
不要错过这次宝贵的机会。 r/s [phr] Don't miss this precious chance.
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