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hù xiāng
adv. each other
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In this post, we compare two words: 彼此 and 互相. They are quite different. 彼此 is a pronoun and 互相 is a adverb. Please take a look at the example sentences, such as:

E.g. 1 我们要经常交流沟通,以消除彼此的隔阂。 [phr] We'd better communicate frequently to eliminate the estrangement between each other.
E.g. 2 你们互相了解一下儿。 [phr] You may get to know each other.

In the sentences above, 互相 and 彼此 are not interchangeable. This means, in the sentences where 彼此 is used, we cannot use 互相 intead, and vice versa.

In addition, 彼此 has a special usage. It can be used twice to form a reply. 互相 cannot be used in this way.
E.g. 3 -你技术真高!-彼此彼此! [phr] -You have such wonderful skills! -Likewise!
How is 互相 used in a sentence? (hùxiāng)
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