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fěn hóng
n. pink, soft red, rose bloom
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What is the usage of 粉红 (fěn hóng) in a sentence?
粉红 (fěn hóng) is a color that is often associated with femininity, sweetness, and romance. It is a shade of pink that is soft and delicate, similar to the color of a rose bloom. In Chinese culture, 粉红 is often used to represent love, beauty, and tenderness.

Example 1: 她的衣服是粉红色的。(Tā de yī fu shì fěn hóng sè de.) Her clothes are pink.

Example 2: 这个房间的墙壁涂成了粉红色。(Zhè ge fáng jiān de qiáng bì tú chéng le fěn hóng sè.) The walls of this room are painted in pink.

Example 3: 这朵粉红色的玫瑰花非常美丽。(Zhè duǒ fěn hóng sè de méi guī huā fēi cháng měi lì.) This pink rose is very beautiful.

Example 4: 粉红色代表着爱情和浪漫。(Fěn hóng sè dài biǎo zhe ài qíng hé làng màn.) Pink represents love and romance.
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