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n./m. long and narrow piece; stripe; measure word for long and thin things (trousers, road..., dogs), for people
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条 is a measure word for long and thin objects (trousers, road..., dogs). Other nouns that may be used after 条 include:
- 毛巾 (mao2jin1, towel),肥皂* (fei2zao4, soap),裤子 (ku4zi5, pants, trousers),裙子 (qun2zi5, skirt)
- 香烟** (xiang1yan1, cigarette)
- 河 (he2, river),路 (lu4, road, path),街道 (jie1dao4, street),船 (chuan2, boat)
- *** 狗 (gou3, dog),鱼 (yu2, fish),蛇 (she2, snake),龙 (long2, dragon)
- 胳膊 (ge1bo5, arm),腿 (tui3, leg)
- 好汉 (hao3han4, brave man) ,人命 (ren2ming4, human life)

* 一条肥皂 refers to a long bar of soap;
** 一条香烟 means a carton of cigarettes (10 packets).
*** animals that can use 条 usually have a long and thin body.

Please note that 条 can also be the measure word for abstract notions, such as regulations, rules, information, new, etc. For more information, please check out the other entry of 条 in trainchinese.
The usage as a measure word Looks strange but can be seen in sentences like 一条好汉 a good man, 一条命 a (person's) life
How is 条 (tiáo) used in everyday language?
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