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guī lǜ
n. law, regular pattern
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How do I use 规律 (guīlǜ) in a sentence?
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规定,规矩 and 规律:

1. 规律 is quite different from the other 2 words. 规律 means "law, regular pattern", which is deduced from observation that a particular phenomenon always happens if certain conditions are present.

2. 规定 versus 规矩:
规定 is usually rules or regulations that are formalized in writing; 规矩 is less formalized customs, regular practices or social etiquettes that are passed down from generation to generation through teaching one's young.
- 婚姻法的规定 regulations of Marriage Law
- 吃好晚饭是我家的规矩。 Having a good dinner is a rule in my family.

3. 规定 can be a verb too meaning "to stipulate", while 规矩 is not a verb.
E.g. 会章中规定了学会的宗旨和任务。 The vision and mission of the academy are specified in its constitution.

4. 规矩 can be an adjective too meaning "well-behaved, law-abiding", while 规定 is not used in this way.
E.g. 她看上去是个规矩的人。She looks like an honest person.
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