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zhì zuò
v. make, manufacture
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制造 vs 制作:
1. 制造 has two meanings:

制造 / 製造 [zhi4 zao4] , (v) make, produce, manufacture; create, engineer, fabricate
这个工厂主要制造自行车。 [phr] This factory mainly produces bicycles.
制造动乱 [phr] to cause disturbance

制作 does not have the second meaning of 制造:
制作 / 製作 [zhi4 zuo4] , (v) make, manufacture
这只手表制作得非常精密。 [phr] This watch is made quite precisely.
他们联手制作了这个节目。 [phr] They made this program with united efforts.

2. When 制作 制造 mean “make, manufacture”, there is a difference too.
制造 is more complicated, involving processing raw materials and more steps of creating, assembling, etc. usually done by machines.

制作 is less complicated, sometimes done manually and it is less processed.
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