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gǎi shàn
v. to improve, to ameliorate, to upgrade, to amend
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改进 vs 改善

These two words are sometimes interchangeable. They emphasizes different things:

改进 emphasizes on advancing or making progress after applying changes/modifications to a procedure, relationship, technology, way of working or solving problems, etc.
当前的任务就是改进技术。 [phr] The current mission is to improve the technology.
及时的反馈对我们改进工作很有帮助。[phr] Timely feedback is very helpful for improving our work.
措施的改进 [phr] improvement of measures

改善 emphasizes making the state or situation better.
改善居住环境 [phr] improve the living environment
新仪器对改善现有的状况作用不大。 r/s [phr] The new instrument didn't have much effect on the present situation.
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