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In this post, we discuss the differences of these three Chinese words: 采购, 购买 and 买. They all mean “to purchase, to buy”. What are their differences?
1. 采购 and 购买 are more formal; 买 is a basic verb used in daily language.
2. 采购 means “to purchase something in bulk, in large quantities, e.g. when a company is purchasing some raw materials for further production. 购买 and 买 can also be used in this sense, however, they do not indicate “in bulk”.
3. 采购 can appear as a job description, or in a job title: e.g. 采购员 (purchasing agent); 我在公司里负责原料采购。(I am responsible for raw material purchasing in this company.) 购买 and 买 cannot be used in this way above.
What other words could I use instead of 买 (mǎi) in Chinese?
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