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v. finish; come to an end; fail; run out; pay
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完 vs 完成:

1. 完 is a morpheme (marked as "char" in our dictionary), used to build other words or sometimes a verb; 完成 is only a verb
E.g.完 is used to build other words idioms:
完好无损 [adj] in good condition
完美 [adj] perfect
完璧归赵 [idiom] to return the jade intact to the State of Zhao -- return sth. to its owner in good condition

2. When these two are both verbs, 完成 is followed by something that has two syllables; 完 is followed by something that has only one syllable. Compare these two examples below:

3. 完 is used a lot after another verb as a complement; 完成 cannot be used in this way.
做完 [v] finish, complete the task
考完 [v] finish an exam
用完 [v] use up
念完 [v] after reading
换完 [v] finish changing
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